Tarification 2019


Cotisation 2016




9 holes course Peter Ryan

Driving range

Big basket: 8 $

Small basket: 6 $

Please note that you should wear proper dress in keeping with the club's rules ( jeans prohibited) and taxes are included in the prices.


Local rules (18 holes)
  1. Boundary line: fences, lines, white posts and stone walls.
  2. Protection of young trees identified by a white ribbon. If such a tree hinders the player's stance or swing, lift the ball and drop it within two club-lengths. Rule 24-2b (1)
  3. The obstacle at the 15th hole is marked off by red posts.
  4. Beyond and to the right of the green of the 16th hole, the protective screen and stone wall are considered immovable obstructions. The player may, without penalty, lift his/her ball and drop it in whichever of the two circles that is nearest the ball.
  5. An embedded ball may, without penalty, be lifted, cleaned and dropped as near as possible to the spot where it lay.
  6. Obstruction or stake, 100, 150 and 200 yard markers, borders, shelters, artificial surfaced paths (gravel or asphalt): easing of one club-length without penalty.


  1. 1. Replace the divots.
  2. 2. Repair the ball marks.
  3. 3. Rake the sand traps.
  4. 4. At all times, power carts must follow the signs posted on the course and paths.
  5. 5. Allowed time: 4 hours.
  6. 6. Proper dress in keeping with the club's rules.