History of the Murray Bay Golf Club


From the creation of the club in 1876 to this day including its incorporation in 1894, the Murray Bay Golf Club has managed to adjust to the passing of time. It is the third oldest club in America and the oldest one still operating in the same location.


The first president of the club, Dr. D. M. Stimson, gave Jacques Bouchard $20 to rent his land for the season. The course area was a little smaller than the current one. Golfers struggled not only to reduce their handicap but also against the cows and sheep that grazed in this large field.



A few highlights:

The club gradually welcomed local sportsmen. The creation of the Charlevoix Open and the golfers' association helped to make the sport more popular.

In 1972, Mr. Jean-Arthur Tremblay became the first president native of the region. From 35 members when it was created, the club membership has increased to almost 250 in 2002.

The directors always made sure that the club adjusted to social and economic changes; this determination lives on and will guarantee the survival of the club.