Boutique de Golf Murray Bay


Let’s pay your green fee in a warm and relaxing ambiance.

You will find here, under the same roof, a great selection of both, clubs and clothes in brands like Taylor Made / Cobra / Callaway / Titleist / Adidas / Puma / AUR / Sun Ice / Greg Norman


We provide you a rental service.


All the team will guide you in your purchasing act, to help you making the best choice.








For a perfect entire golf experience.

Clubs / shoes / balls / accessories / clothing / repairs.

Personalized service / Location...

E-Mail: info@golfmurraybay.com


Pro's advices:

90% of bad shots are related to the golfer’s routine even before he haven’t start moving the club. To avoid those problems, stand behind your ball, visualize the optimal trajectory and then, swing the club.

Play well and enjoy your game.